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ICELIGHT Photoluminous signs are approved by NBC-2005 & RS6-1 and 6-1A, for emergency evacuation & fire equipment marking. ICELIGHT Photoluminous signs are a failsafe technology requiring no electrical backup and are zero maintenance products. They can be used in a number of places where it is not feasible to use electrical signs. As per NY-6 PL exit path marking will aid in evacuation from a  building in the event of failure of both power and the backup power to the Lighting & illuminated Exit signs.

( Photoluminous material is charged by exposure to light & will emit Luminance after the activating light source is unavailable.)

The markings covered by these Photoluminous signs are not designed to provide  Enough light to illuminate a dark egress path but rather will provide luminescent  signs & outlines of the egress path, stairs, handrails, obstacles & fire equipments location, so that the occupants can discern these egress path elements in dark situation.The markings are generally required to be located at a low location in case of smoke & can be readily seen, such as in a crowd situation.

Photoluminous signs are in addition to & not a substitute to other signages, such as electrically illuminated exit signs with electrical backup power.

ICELIGHT products are high performance rugged products with a long life.

Their salient features being:-

  • High BR rating of 358 (10) – 55(60) – 44(90)
  • Use of lab certified pigments from Honeywell
  • Duxone protection resulting in an almost scratch proof surface – ideal for public place.
  • Aluminium base with 50-100 micron LUMILUX coating for sign plates with exceptional  luminescence of high strength & UV resistance.
  • LEXAN base polycarbonate tapes for doorway, pathmarking & use of industrial adhesives for trouble-free INSTALLATION on nearly all types of surfaces.

As India’s leading specialist in photo-luminescent safety Way guidance systems and products. ICE is your ideal partner for high quality, high performance safety products.

Our photo-luminescent films, Aluminium & PVC rigid sheets meet or exceed current domestic and international standards : ASTM 2072-00/2073-00; ASTM 162/648/662;Bombardier SMP 800-C; IMO Resolution A-752(18); APTA SS-PS-002098; ISO 15370; DIN 67510 parts 1-4 & UL 924.

Our input materials have been tested satisfactorily to achieve Lloyd’s Type approval Certification for marine offshor, industrial and commercial applications for safety signs and escape route systems.

Need of Photo Luminous Signs -

  • 10 to 40 Times Brighter
  • Glows 35 to 100+ Hours – Grade Dependent
  • Lasts 25+ Years Indoors
  • Lasts 5+ Years Outdoors
  • Superior Construction
  • Metal Explosion & Heat Resistant
  • Vandle Proof
  • Non-Electric – No Monthly Costs
  • No Electricity Required
  • Easily Installed Everywhere
  • Route Marking for Emergency Responders
  • UL 924 Compliant

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